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Pre-workout skincare routine Wash your face well. Remove all make-up, It is a bad idea to wear make-up while exercising. Sweat infused with make-up clogs the pores and gives rise to acne or whiteheads. Apply a good moisturizer. you sweat as you exercise. This dehydrates the body as well as the skin. So you need […]

Best home remedies for acne

I often see girls and boys applying lemon juice, tomatoes and even garlic paste on their pimples. These are highly acidic and can cause irritation. They can also leave burns, blemishes ugly scars on the skin. Toothpaste can also cause an irritant reaction. Tips from the kitchen Neem and honey Make a paste of neem […]


Tips from the kitchen Milk and almonds Take two almonds and crush them to make a paste. Add three to four drops of milk and apply this paste under the eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes daily. Almonds contain vitamin E, which hydrates the skin. Both milk and almonds help lighten the skin. Cucumber juice […]


Sunscreens are products which prevent ultraviolet rays from being absorbed by the skin. they are available in the form of creams, gels, lotions, sprays and now even capsules. Let us first understand these rays. Solar radiation comprises UV rays, visible light and infrared rays. Wavelengths less than 320nm are absorbed by the upper layers of […]

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