Tips from the kitchen

Milk and almonds

Take two almonds and crush them to make a paste. Add three to four drops of milk and apply this paste under the eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes daily. Almonds contain vitamin E, which hydrates the skin. Both milk and almonds help lighten the skin.

Cucumber juice

Prepare fresh cucumber juice. Drink some of it and keep the rest in the freezer for fifteen minutes. Place soft cotton soaked in chilled cucumber juice under the eyes for a few minutes. Cucumber juice contains ascorbic acid oxidase, which makes it a good astringent. It is also a mild diuretic when taken orally. Hence, it soothes the skin, reduces puffiness and makes the dark circles appear less prominent.


Apple, again, can be effective against dark circles. Cut thin slices of the fruit and leave them under eyes for a few minutes. Apple contains tannins that help diminish dark circles. In addition, it has potassium and water-soluble vitamins like B and C that restore lost nutrients to the under-eye skin.

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